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캠퍼스 맵 01.행정동 02.교단기념대강당 03.도서관 04.강의동 05.음악동 06.복지관 07~10.생활관 11.세계선교훈련원 12.자유관 15.침신유치원

03. Library
Our library holds the largest collection of theological books among the Christian theological universities in Asia. At present, it is fully equipped with 200,000 books, 11,000 e-books, 230 serials, 11,000 thesis, 17,000 musical scores, 30,000 records and non-book materials, and a great volume of rare books of the sacred music field. It supports reading rooms on a scale of 650 seats and carrels for graduate students. Opening the library to the local residents, we encourage a reading culture.

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