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캠퍼스 맵 01.행정동 02.교단기념대강당 03.도서관 04.강의동 05.음악동 06.복지관 07~10.생활관 11.세계선교훈련원 12.자유관 15.침신유치원

12. Global Vision Center
The Freedom Building, built in 2002, is named for the third word of the University’s motto: Truth, Regeneration, and Freedom. On the first floor is the Office of the Graduate School of Pastoral Ministry, and the Office of the Institute for Life-Long Education, with rooms for seminars, lectures and classes, and a nice snack bar and lounge area for the students. There is Agape Hall on the first floor, capable of holding 400 people. On the second floor, there is the office of the Graduate School, the Graduate School of Theology, and the Graduate School of Counseling & Social Welfare and rooms designed for discussions, seminars, and counseling. On the third floor are conference rooms and classrooms.

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