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The Department of Counseling Psychology was established to equip professional counselors based on the Christian faith and perspective in 1999. The program offers the courses for the formation of Christian worldview, character and counseling skills. Students in this program learn different counseling theories and therapeutic approaches to meet people's needs. They also get clinical training in university settings, hospitals, counseling centers, churches, and social organizations to develop practical abilities in the field.
The graduates are to get counseling licenses and work as professional counselors for treating individuals, their families, and others in the community. Faculty members put forth their best efforts to provide an encouraging and mentoring environment where students receive personal and warm attention as well as academic challenges.
❏ Curriculum
Year Division Class Credit
1 General Required Courses College English   3
  English Conversation Ⅰ 2
  Spiritual Formation Ⅰ 1
  Baptist Faith and Theology 2
  Major Required Courses Introduction to Psychology 3
  Introduction to Christian Counseling 3  
  General Required Courses Discussion and Speech 3  
  English Conversation Ⅱ   2
  Spiritual Formation Ⅱ   1
  Parent Education   2
  Major Required Courses Developmental Psychology   3
  Personality Psychology   3
2 Major Required Courses Counseling Theories and practice 3  
  Group Counseling   3
3 Major Required Courses Marriage and Family Counseling 3  
  Clinical Practicum in CounselingⅠ   3
  Abnormal Psychology   3
4 Major Required Courses Clinical Practicum in Counseling Ⅱ 3  
  Psychological Assessment 3  
  Introduction to Family Ministry   3

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