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Residential Halls ㅣ☎ 82-42-828-3470

The dormitories, called Bethel Hall, are designed to create an academic living environment for students. The motto of Bethel Hall is “Life is ministry.” A unique opportunity is given to students to experience the life of a spiritual leader.
Facilities : The dormitory consists of four five-story buildings totaling 12,390 square meters. Each of the 256 rooms is furnished with central heating, individual heating (limited to the new dormitory), built-in closets, desks, single bedrooms (limited to the new dormitory). Every floor is equipped with washing machines, cleaning machines, electric irons, a rest area, bathrooms, a shower room, and a wash room. In each building there is a prayer room where students can go freely to pray. The dormitories house 467 male students and 372 female students. The new dormitory is equipped with a physical fitness training center, six guest rooms, a computer room for researching information, and four guest houses as attached facilities.

Devotional Training : Every member of the dormitory is required to have group worship with roommates in each dorm room. We have dawn prayer meeting from Tuesday through Friday, according to dormitory policies. During the semester, we have devotional programs for developing the students’ spiritual life, through having chapel services, Wednesday evening service, and prayer meetings once each semester with all the residents of the dormitory.

Student Activities : All of the graduate and undergraduate men and women student recreational activities in the dormitories are centered around the motto “Life is ministry.” Student activities such as student orientation, alumni meetings, dormitory-wide prayer meetings, athletic meetings, a farewell party for graduates, and a retreat for newcomers are organized by different committees. These activities allow students to experience university life in a rich way.

Admission Process : Students must turn in the dormitory application on time and meet the requirements of entering students. Admitted students are expected to observe the dormitory rules and guidelines.

Library ㅣ☎ 82-42-828-3241~7

Our library holds the largest collection of theological books among the Christian theological universities in Asia. At present, it is fully equipped with 200,000 books, 11,000 e-books, 230 serials, 11,000 thesis, 17,000 musical scores, 30,000 records and non-book materials, and a great volume of rare books of the sacred music field.
It supports reading rooms on a scale of 650 seats and carrels for graduate students. Opening the library to the local residents, we encourage a reading culture.

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