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The Department of English is designed to train students with Christian background English language in order to help them contribute to society or Christian churches. It provides students with a solid theoretical and practical foundation with a curriculum which includes a wide range of areas of English language, linguistics, applied linguistics, English language teaching, and the introductory level of English literature.
Students are exposed to an authentic learning and English-speaking environment, adopting the knowledge of linguistics and culture of English speaking countries in order to develop their English ability. In addition, students have access to a number of options available in the multimedia facilities. The growing importance of globalization is also reflected in the opportunity to collaborate with the leading Baptist universities and seminaries in other countries such as the United States, Australia and Japan. Students will improve their English proficiency and experience a variety of interdisciplinary areas through the active partnership modules and the exchange programs.
❏ Curriculum
Year Division Class Credit
1 General Required Courses Spiritual Formation I 1  
  English CommunicationⅠ 2  
  History of the Baptists 2  
  Discussion and Speech 3  
  Major Required Courses Practical Grammar 3  
  English Reading 3  
  General Required Courses Spiritual Formation Ⅱ   1
  English Communication Ⅱ   2
  Baptist and Faith Theology   2
  Spiritual Formation II   1
  Major Required Courses Practical Grammar Ⅱ   3
  English Phonetics   3
  English Reading   3
2 Major Required Courses English Composition Ⅰ 3  
  Understanding English Vocabulary 3  
  English Composition Ⅱ   3
  Introduction to English Linguistics   3
3 Major Required Courses English Speech 3  
  Understanding English Literature   3
4 Major Required Courses TESOL/TEFL Theory & Practice   3

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