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The Korea Baptist Theological University and Seminary cultivate persons of Christian Spirituality,
Specialized Intelligence and devoted personality who has broad-mind with love.
KBTUS is the only Baptist theological university to train the global talent with the spirituality and intellect to change a people and the world on the basis of the educational principle of "Truth, Regeneration, Freedom." Also, it is making every effort to realize the students' dreams which are dreaming of the learning for the wider world, by setting up sisterhood relationship with excellent foreign universities. It has the undergraduate programs of 8 departments, and masters' and doctoral courses of 6 graduate schools to be able to acquire the learning to cultivate the spirituality and intellect such as the library to take pride in the nation's biggest collection of books related to theology and various electronic DB services, the digital music studio of the department of Church Music to train the church music leaders with the mature belief and the musical expertise, the Multi-media Lab. of the department of Christian Education to cultivate internationalist figures and ability on the basis of the Christian view of the world, the building for only the lectures of the department of Early Childhood Education that the preschool teachers' practical abilities are improved through the hands-on experiences by being linked with the attached kindergarten,
The World Missions Training Center that is the cradle of the Baptist global mission revival, Institute for Life-Long Education that is the place of the open education to reflect the changing society's demands, and Songkang Social Welfare Community Center that gives the fruits of Gospel and learning back to the society and contributing to the local welfare development with the warm attitude of sharing and service, are established for reeducating missionaries, pastors and lay persons. KBTUS, which has the history of more than half a century as the forerunner of tens of thousands of workers who are working after scattering throughout the nation and the world after graduating from this school, and as the forerunner of about 3,000 Baptist local churches, is getting them to make for the first start of the hopeful life to be able to protect the abiding Gospel of Truth in the rapidly changing world, to cultivate the intellect, and to serve the people and world by embracing God's vision.

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