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"God's love grows, fullness upon fullness"

Welcome to Korea Baptist Theological University/Seminary (KBTUS). KBTUS is a community of God's people who are devoted to learning how to love God all the more. I welcome you in Christ's name to our campus full of God's love and God's people. Those who visit the campus will be pleasantly surprised with the unexpected treasures that the university has to offer. The first treasure is the beautiful campus, the second is the warm welcome and friendly smiles of the students around the campus, and the third, the students' dedication and willingness to learn and their unceasing prayers.
KBTUS is the university where worship and prayer would never cease, from the dawn prayer meetings attended by all the students in the dormitory to late-night prayer vigils. If you look at the surrounding area of the campus, you will be even more amazed. The university is located at the heart of Korea in the city of Daejeon which is easily accessible from all parts of the country. It is only within 10-20 minute driving distance from Sejong, the new multifunctional administrative city, from Gyeryong, a military city, and from the International Science & Business Belts. I praise the Lord for his providence and wisdom in situating the university at the center of Daejeon's "Golden Triangle."
We, students, faculty, and staff members, strive to live up to God's expectation. The Lord is ordering us to keep our eyes wide open to find the more amazing gifts that God has in store for us. Now, we are trying to reestablish our place and position by going beyond the bounds of Korea and reaching out to the world. Until now, we have proudly sent out the highest number of graduates as missionaries across the globe than any other theological universities.

Our pride from now on will be to position our university at the center of "Korean Wave of Theology" where the highest number of foreign students will come to study Theology and learn about Korean churches. I warmly invite you to join our university where your dreams for the world and the future can be shared with us. Come to Korea Baptist Theological University/Seminary where "God's love grows, fullness upon fullness."

Thank You


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