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부 서 담 당 전화번호
Administration ARS 82-42-828-3114
Office of Academic Affairs 82-42-828-3131~4
Office of Student Service & Affairs 82-42-828-3141~3
Service Center 82-42-828-3195
Office of General Affairs 82-42-828-3151
Office of Planning and Public Relations 82-42-828-3121~3
Undergraduate Department of Theology 82-42-828-3201
Department of Christian Education 82-42-828-3208
Department of Church Music / Department of Piano 82-42-828-3232
Department of Counseling Psychology 82-42-828-3205
Department of English 82-42-828-3203
Department of Social Welfare 82-42-828-3212
Department of Early Childhood Education 82-42-828-3209
Graduate Schools Graduate School
Graduate School of Theology
Graduate School of Counseling and Social Welfare
Graduate School of Missiology
Graduate School of Pastoral Ministry
Graduate School of Church Music 82-42-828-3231~2
Auxiliary Institutes/
Support Services
Institute for Baptist Theology 82-42-828-3259
The World Missions Training Center 82-42-828-3372~5
Institute for Life-Long Education 82-42-828-3191
Institute for Pastoral Ministry 82-2-2066-0379
KBTUS Kindergarten 82-42-828-1256~7
Songkang Social Welfare Community Center 82-42-934-6338
Library 82-2-828-3240
Dormitories 82-2-828-3470
Baptist University Press 82-2-828-3257

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