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The Department of Theology was established in 1953 to train and equip the students called to serve as pastors to support the Church and teach the Word. The types of training that the future leaders receive include not only the systematic study of Theology but also extensive liberal arts education to foster high moral ethics and build strong lasting character, which serve as the basic foundation for the study of Theology. This department provides seminars and lectures and actively conducts research in the fields of Biblical Theology, Historical Theology, Systematic Theology and Practical Theology. The primary objective of the program is to balance theories and practices in the study of Theology.
❏ Curriculum
Year Division Class Credit
1 Required General Courses Understanding of Philosophy 3
  Understanding of Social Sciences 3
  English Conversation I 2
  Spiritual Formation Ⅰ 1
  Writing and Speech 3
  College English 2
  Understanding of Natural Sciences   3
  Introduction to Theology   3
  History of World Cultures   3
  English Conversation Ⅱ   2
  Spiritual Formation Ⅱ   1
2 Required General Courses English for Theology 2  
  Required Major Courses Introduction to Evangelism 3  
  New Testament Greek I 2  
  Introduction to the New TestamentⅠ 3  
  Survey of Church HistoryⅠ 3  
  Required General Courses History of World Religions   3
  Required Major Courses New Testament Greek II   2
  Introduction to the New TestamentⅡ   3
  Survey of Church HistoryⅡ   3
3 Required Major Courses Introduction to Pastoral Ministry 3  
  Hebrew I 2  
  Introduction to the Old TestamentⅠ 3  
  Introduction to Systematic TheologyⅠ 3  
  Evangelism Practice I 1  
  Hebrew Ⅱ   2
  Introduction to the Old TestamentⅡ   3
  Introduction to Systematic TheologyⅡ   3
  Evangelism Practice II   1
  Introduction to Missions   3
4 Required Major Courses Christian Ethics 3  
  Baptist Church History 3  
  Introduction to Preaching 3  
  Church Ministry Practice I 1  
  Baptist Theology   3
  Church Administration   3
  Church Ministry Practice Ⅱ   1

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